Zoltán Bruckner, managing partner & investment director

Zoltán Bruckner, founder of the Primus Funds (2003) and co-    founder of Primus III, has 13 years of venture capital and finance experience in Europe and the U.S., including as country manager for Hungary at 3TS Capital Partners, in risk and trade finance analysis for Central Europe at ING’s headquarters in Amsterdam, consulting work at A.T. Kearney in Washington, D.C., and Central Europe analysis at the Atlantic Council. Zoltán holds an MA in international economics from The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies and a BA from Bard College. Zoltán is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Venture Capital Association (HVCA), has been an associate professor at Central European University Business School, and frequently lectures at Semmelweis Innovations’ Bio Entrepreneurship Program. Married with two children, Zoltán is fluent in English and German in addition to his native Hungarian.



István Alpek, partner & CFO


István Alpek is co-founder of Primus III, bringing extensive experience in finance as well as venture capital. Prior to joining Primus, István held posts such as investment director at 3TS Capital Partners, CFO and COO of VC-funded Euronet, which went public with a NASDAQ IPO, CFO and COO of CV-Online, founder and managing director of investment advisory firm AD Capital, finance head at DuPont’s Hungarian subsidiary and Digital Equipment Hungary and as senior consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Budapest. He holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a BA from the College of Foreign Trade in Budapest. He is a chartered investment advisor in Hungary and member of the Hungarian Venture Capital Association (HVCA)’s Education Committee. István is fluent in English in addition to his native Hungarian.

András Szombati, partner & investment director

András Szombati, co-founder of Primus III, brings 10 years of venture capital experience to Primus, in biotech, health care and services, among others, including four successful exits with an average IRR of over 30 percent. András was previously managing director of venture capital fund Eclipse Ltd., which is affiliated with Concorde Securities Ltd., Hungary’s largest independent investment banking services provider, and managing director and co-founder of the First Hungarian Film Fund. András gained experience in structured lending and corporate finance at ING Barings in Budapest and South Africa. He is a member of the Hungarian Biotechnology Association and the Hungarian Venture Capital Association, and holds an MBA from the Budapest University of Economics (today Corvinus University), where he is a guest lecturer, and a degree from Montgomery College in Washington, D.C. Married with three children, András is fluent in English in addition to his native Hungarian.