Primus Capital Management

Primus Capital is a professional venture capital fund management company based in Budapest, Hungary.  Primus was started in late 2003 as an investor in early stage technology companies.  In 2008, Primus Capital Management (Primus Capital Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt.) was established as a new professional and legal entity registered under the Hungarian Capital Market Act of 2001 (Art. CXX.) and the State Supervisory Authority of Financial Institutions (PSZÁF/Perm.  E-III. /1/2008).

Primus Capital Management (Primus Capital Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt.) is the fund manager for Primus Capital Fund III. (Primus III.), whose investors include both private and public sector insitutions, as well as private investors from Hungary, the EU and the United States.  Primus III. builds on the success of the previous two Primus Capital Funds,  Primus I. (2004) and Primus II. (2006).

Primus Capital Funds


The Primus III. Venture Capital Fund was launched in April 2010 as a joint fund between US and European private sector investors and the EU’s JEREMIE program, as administered by the Hungarian Enterprise Finance Corporation (MV Zrt.).  The Fund is registered in Hungary with a total fund size of EUR 22.5 million (HUF 6.2 billion).

The primary goal of Primus III is to provide micro, small and medium-sized companies based in Hungary with seed, start-up and growth capital. Primus’ investment strategy allows a maximum investment size of EUR 1.5 million per company over any 12-month period. A total maximum of EUR 4.5 million can be invested per company over a 3-year period.  The fund targets technology and services companies working in dynamically growing industry segments that expect to achieve above-average growth.  The Fund invests in:

  1. small- and medium-sized companies with
  2. innovative, unique technology and/or
  3. innovative services
  4. who want to further develop their technology or service offering to
  5. expand their market share locally, regionally or internationally.

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Primus Capital Partners LLC

Primus I., launched in March 2004 is a US-based seed and early stage fund, which invested in five Hungarian early stage companies between 2004-2006.  Primus I. has a mature portfolio of three technology companies: Sense/Net (hyperlink, technology start-up Intellio technologies Ltd. ( and ) and Nebotrade Micromedia ( ).   Primus I. Portfolio.

Primus Central Europe Fund II LLC

Primus II. was launched in November 2006 by the investors of Primus I. with the main goal of providing follow-on funding to Primus I portfolio companies and making new investments.  Primus II. invested in technology start-up Intellio Technologies Ltd. ( and ) and media start-up FUNZINE Media ( ) as well as Hungary’s leading search marketing agency in 2006-2007 Arcanian Consulting.q